Vehicle Inspections - Davies and Gray Vehicle Assessors

We always ensure we have
a transparent & clear
fee structure

Our Fees

Davies & Gray understands that everybody wants a transparent fee structure with no hidden costs. Any scenarios that do not fit these examples will be charged on a 'pro-rata basis', meaning you will never receive any unexpected charges.

Accident Damage Inspections:

£80.00 to £125.00 +VAT

Desktop Image Reports:

From £45.00 +VAT

Roadworthy Safety Inspections:

£110.00 +VAT (£132.00 inclusive)

Category C D N S Inspections:

£110.00 +VAT (£132.00 inclusive)

Post Repair Inspections:

From £130.00 +VAT

Specialist & Expert Inspections:

From £195.00 +VAT

Consistency of Damage:

£95.00 to £395.00 +VAT

Valuations & Disputes:

From £150.00 to £225.00 +VAT

De-Fleet & End of Lease Inspections:

£95.00 +VAT (£114.00 inclusive)

Diminution in Value:

From £225.00 +VAT (£270.00 inclusive)